Information campaign "Give a hand to children at risk" in Smyadovo

As part of project activities, information campaign "Give a hand to children at risk" took place in Smyadovo city on 13th of January. During the meeting parents of 3 – 6 Year olds, stakeholders and administration officials discussed topics like adaptation of children to social environment in the kindergarten; family and education and family and parents. All topics were presented by an expert with extensive experience in this field.

About 50 persons took part in the campaign. Special compilation of videos presenting good practices in Bulgaria and other countries was given as an example of the importance of education and why children have to go to kindergarten and continue their education regardless of ethnicity and financial capacity of their parents.

The main project goal is the improvement of the access to education and better opportunities for development of social skills of 172 children (at the age of 3 to 6) from Roma communities and vulnerable socially disadvantaged families, living in the Municipalities of Smyadovo and Vetrino, through involving in kindergartens and  improving the quality of the education.

The specific project objectives and tasks are targeted at:

  • Increasing intercultural competences of teachers for working in multicultural environment in Smyadovo and Vetrino municipalities;
  • Developing communication skills, motivation and knowledge of 338 children from local communities annually enrolled in the kindergartens;
  • Creating conditions for equal start at school through learning of Bulgarian language by children from local communities and by children at risk of social exclusion and poverty aged 3-6 years in Smyadovo and Vetrino municipalities;
  • Maintaining and developing the cultural identity of children from ethnic minorities with a special focus on Roma and socially excluded children;
  • Creating of an effective model for supporting tolerance, self-esteem and friendship between children, as well as for attracting children from families at need and keeping them in the educational system by learning Bulgarian and Roma dances and mutual knowledge/exchange of traditions and cultural values.
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