Activity 7: "Parents go to school”

These activities are targeted at motivation and ensuring parents’ support for educational integration of their children. The main responsibilities of the Roma mediators include monitoring of children attendance to kindergartens, individual work with parents who prevent regular kindergarten attendance.

Organization of different activities with the parents’ participation is provisioned, for example:

  • “In the fairy tales realm” – evening events  with parents and children to raise awareness about reading fairy tales and literature, organized by trained teachers and Roma mediators once in 3-months in each kindergarten. Each evening event will be focused on different issues, presented through fairy tales and legends of different ethnic groups;
  • “Granny’s fairy tales” – introduction to local verbal heritage;
  •  “One green footstep ahead” – bicycling and picnic with parents and children to a close site;
  • Celebration of birthdays of the children form the target groups;
  • Conducting lectures and discussions with the teachers and parents with the expert on Roma culture and language, which will be very helpful for the work of the teachers and the dialogue with parents from different ethnic groups. A lecture is planned in each kindergarten with all the teachers, Roma mediators and parents

There will be elaborated and disseminated handbooks for parents.

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