Activity 3: Selection and involvement of personnel for working with children; training of the Roma mediators and teachers from Smyadovo and Vetrino municipalities for work in multicultural environment

3.1. Selection of the teachers and supporting personnel, including 3 Roma mediators as permanent staff– two in Smyadovo and one in Vetrino that will work with children and families in vulnerable ethnic communities. That personnel is provisioned for training within Component 3 of the Programme;

3.2. Involvement of specialized personnel. In driving for results additional personnel (on daily basis) is provisioned - 2 Speech-language speech therapists –one for each municipality, supporting children for the correct pronunciation of words in Bulgarian language; - 2 Psychologists –one for each municipality, responsible for the psychological condition and development of children from the target group;

3.3. Training for work in multicultural environment within the frame of Component 3 of the Programme for 18 teachers in kindergartens, included in the project from Smyadovo and Vetrino and for 3 Roma mediators; 

3.4. Peer to peer training;

3.5. Exchange Study visits in Smyadovo and Vetrino municipalities for sharing experience.

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